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Ed BerryDenise BerryDavid BerryJenn Bley

Guest handicaps are David is 13 from black tees and Jenn is a 27 from blue tees

June 19, 2023
Bruce BlackwellDianne BlackwellJoyce BarnessRick VillemaireJune 16, 2023
Tim BroadJana RobertaJune 28, 2023
karen buonojill wrightsuzanne davelerJune 22, 2023
Gloria BurmeisterJay WhiteScott MerrittBarb MerrittJune 12, 2023
ciro capanoTerry HueserJohn HouldcroftNicole Houldcroft

Nicole Houldcroft will play as guest of John Houldcroft (640). Green tee 20 h/c.
Laura Capano will come as lunch guest of Ciro Capano. (294).

June 18, 2023
Don CotyBob WiseGreg HansenJim TBD

Thought they signed up but did not.

June 27, 2023
Alan DaviesDavies LyndaJune 16, 2023
Don DavisPam DavisJack DriscollMaryAnn WellanderJune 13, 2023
Cheryl Didday

Cheryl will be playing with me, Kerry Didday member #631. I had put Cheryl's name down as a guest for the dinner but she will play with me.

June 21, 2023
Kerry Didday

My wife, Cheryl Didday will be my guest fir dinner. Thank you!

June 21, 2023
Dennis DruheMichael Conway

Please add me to the Druhe team with Dennis and Karen. Thx

June 25, 2023
Dennis DruheKaren DruheJune 21, 2023
David Garner

Previous entry had wrong member number. Correct is 195

June 21, 2023
Dave GarnerJune 21, 2023
Steve GilrayJake Gilray

Jake is Steve's son and guest.

June 27, 2023
Rich HussTina HussLennie PenaultShirley ConiglioJune 20, 2023
Jim Kelly JimTracy Kelly Tracy

We are a twosome
Please put us with someone

June 22, 2023
Tom KrugerPatty KrugerJune 12, 2023
Nicholas LaneseRichard LaneseLucille LaneseMichael RuvenJune 27, 2023
Roland LapradeMary Ellen LapradeBarb SteblerCliff KornJune 19, 2023
roger lee

Single looking 👀 to be paired with a female who I could possibly play other mixed events with! THANK YOU Roger

June 13, 2023
Richard LodgeJune 22, 2023
Ron ManchesiGean NewbyDave Bevon

We need one more if a single is available.

June 23, 2023
Frank McCroskyKaren McCroskyDave BrownBrian CorneliusJune 13, 2023
Patrick O'Dell

My wife Kim will be joining us for lunch after golf

June 21, 2023
Bob OranziJudy OranziJune 16, 2023
Randy PetersonJudy PetersonMike GeistBarb GeistJune 15, 2023
Lenny Pinault

Lennie is cancelling for Sunday; death in the family. Jack Schroeder will take his place in the foursome

June 27, 2023
Dale PoynterMaggi Poynter

We are playing with Bill and Judy Wagner
Our earlier sign up apparently didn't take 😒

June 22, 2023
Charles SchindlerAkemi schindlerDan BarkerDolly BarkerJune 22, 2023
Jack Schroeder

Wife will join for supper, Mary Schroeder

June 22, 2023
Larry SmithDebra Vogel

Please pair w/ others

June 19, 2023
Jim VoldenMarcia FrancisJackie TischLarry TischJune 19, 2023
Judy WagnerBill WagnerJune 13, 2023
Jace WaltersJune 12, 2023
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