I’ve been an individual member of Caloosa Golf and Country Club for the past 3 years.  Although, there are more than 8 golf courses closer to my home than Caloosa, I would like to share the 3 reasons I chose Caloosa over the others. 

  1. Golf Course and Practice facilities: Outstanding course in great condition and a fantastic design. I love the fact that after every 4-5 holes you return to the club house where you can use a clean bathroom and refill your refreshments. A real driving range where you hit off of grass…not mats! 2 putting greens and a chipping area! 
  2. All skill levels of golf at Caloosa: There is a group for you to play with at Caloosa.  Whether you are a serious long ball low handicap player or someone that wants to enjoy a fun round of golf when the highlight of the round is having a drink with a bunch of fun golfers at the 19th hole.  We have it all at Caloosa!!! 
  3. Most important to me is that Caloosa is more than a Golf Club:  It is a social club with some of the nicest people you have ever met from all parts of the United States. My wife is not a golfer, but we enjoy going to the dinner dances and other social activities!”