Come for the Golf, Stay for the Friends

Being a member has its advantages in all aspects of life. Whether you’re part of an exclusive club or have special access to items before they’re released on sale, there is much to be said about private access. Golf courses are no different, and many of the best golf resorts in the world contain private golf courses.

We probably don’t need to persuade you of how amazing and wonderful it is to have access to such courses, but just in case you’re new to the concept we’ve added some below. Once you’re aware of the satisfaction that private golf courses can add to your life, we think you’ll want to become a member sooner rather than later.

A Secluded Slice of Nature

When you pay a membership fee to be a part of a private golf course facility, you can count on one thing above all else: privacy. Because you must be a member to get in, these facilities are often secluded slices of nature where you can finally relax and take the game in for all of its glory. Whether you’re taking a deep breath before your final putt or admiring the distance in a long drive, private golf courses really are secluded slices of nature that are to be envied. Some are even expertly manicured by groundskeepers that have the same award-winning reputation as the gold course designers. Of course, you don’t have to envy them once you become a member!

Award-Winning Golf Courses

Perhaps the biggest reason to think about joining a private golf course is that they are often better designed and more fun to play than public alternatives. Renowned golf course designers are often brought in to help build the perfect course that will then attract membership, making it an exclusive place to play and be for many miles around. In some cases, these courses are one of a handful that have ever been designed by such a craftsman and you are lucky to live in the region where it’s located. By joining a private golf course and choosing to play there instead of elsewhere, you will often be getting a higher quality game with more accommodations for a fraction of the price that you’d spend traveling around to public courses.

More Than Just Golf

Any private golf club prioritizes its customers’ satisfaction and knows that they hope to spend a lot of time at the facility. That is why many clubs bring in entertainment and host other events for their members to enjoy. These events can include dances, karaoke, combo golf and social events, and private events hosted by members. Catering is oftentimes brought in to ensure that everyone enjoys good food and a good time. Some clubs even allow you to bring in your own alcohol, which saves everyone money in the long run.

You’ll Be Able to Meet Plenty of People

As of 2019, the number of golf participants in the U.S. stood at approximately 24.3 million. This means that when you’re on a private golf course, you’re simply on one of the many golf courses that you could meet potential business clients, friends, or even lovers on the green. Golf is a game that is enjoyed widely by people from all walks of life, but nobody quite has the exclusive clientele that private golf courses do. Being a member of something has its privileges, and meeting other people with the same privileges is an exclusive experience.

Pay the Fee, Experience Glee

Far from being an unnecessary expense, a membership to a private golf course might be exactly what you need. The potential to meet friends and clients is always there, but in a place that is a bit more secluded and relaxing than many of the public golf courses that currently exist. If you’re ready to experience the best in comfort, relaxation and exclusive access, we think you should give Caloosa Golf and Country Club a try. It might be on the best decisions you ever make!

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